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Eve Boswell (-1998)
The Very Best Of Eve Boswell ....... 2011
1. Pickin' A Chicken
2. I Believe
3. True Love
4. Heatwave
5. Dear Hearts And Gentle People
6. All My Love
7. If I Had A Way
8. Transatlantic Lullaby
9. Hi Lili, Hi Lo
10. Sugar Bush
11. Here In My Heart
12. Moon Above Malaya
13. I'm Yours
14. The Bridge Of Sighs
15. If You Love Me
16. Bewitched
17. The Little Shoemaker
18. More Than Ever
19. Skokiaan
20. On The Waterfront
21. These Are The Things We'll Share
22. Ready Willing And Able
23. Blue Star
24. Young And Foolish
25. The Gypsy In My Soul

Sugar Bush Girl ................................ 2008

Here In My Heart ............................. 2007

The Best Of Eve Boswell ................ 2004 EMI

EMI Presents The Magic Of Eve Boswell . 2002 EMI
1. Pickin' A Chicken
2. I Believe
3. True Love
4. Heat Wave (As Thousands Cheer)
5. Dear Hearts And Gentle People
6. All My Love
7. If
8. Transatlantic Lullaby
9. Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo (From 'Lili')
10. Sugar Bush (Songs From The Veldt)
11. Here In My Heart
12. Moon Above Malaya
13. I'm Yours
14. The Bridge Of Sighs
15. If You Love Me (I Won't Care)
16. Bewitched (Pal Joey)
17. The Little Shoemaker (Le Petit Cordonnier)
18. More Than Ever
19. Skokiaan
20. On The Waterfront

The War Years .................................... 2002 EMI/CAPITOL
1. I'll Walk Alone
2. It's Been A Long, Long Time
3. Besame Mucho
4. I'll Be Seeing You
5. Sentimental Journey
6. You'll Never Know
7. There, I've Said It Again
8. A Little On The Lonely Side
9. Amor, Amor
10. I'll Buy That Dream
11. I Know Why
12. As Time Goes By

Sentimental Journey ...... CFRC520 1987 CONIFER
1. Sentimental Journey
2. You Go To My Head
3. It's Been A Long, Long Time
4. Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes)
5. As Time Goes By
6. I'll Buy That Dream
7. Besame Mucho
8. Once In A While
9. You'll Never Know
10. I'll Walk Alone
11. I Know Why
12. Amor, Amor
13. There, I've Said It Again
14. A Little On The Lonely Side
15. Young And Foolish
16. I'll Be Seeing You

Sugar Bush '76 LP ...... EMC 3147 1976 EMI
Side 1:
1. Sugar Bush '76
2. Sweet Remembered Faces
3. This Time
4. I'm Glad There Is You
5. If We Only Have Love
Side 2:
1. Zulu Farewell
2. The Nearness Of You
3. Aren't We Lovers Fools
4. Body And Soul
5. Sophisticated Lady
6. The Greatest Gift

The Eve Boswell Showcase EP . JGEP 8690 PARLOPHONE
Side 1:
1. Love Me Again
2. I Do
Side 2:
1. Nairobi
2. Swingin' Sheperd
3. Lollipop
4. Chanson D'Amour

met Reg Owen Orchestra
Sentimental Eve LP ........... PMCJ 1038 PARLOPHONE

It's A Breeze LP ......................... H 1001 SUGARBUSH RECORDS

At The Mediterranean LP ....... ZB 8024 CONTINENTAL

Eve At Ciro's EP ...................... JGEP 13 PARLOPHONE
Side One:
1. Picanniny
2. If I Had A Talking Picture Of You
Side Two:
1. Boegoeberg Se Dam
2. Wimoweh Cha Cha

Sugar Bush '76 / This Time 7" . EMI 2517/EMC 3147 1976 EMI

Sugar Bush / Zulu Farewell 7" . EMIJ 4115 1976 EMI

One God / Love Song 7" . S-NIX 140 1974 SUNSHINE MUSIC

One God / Love Song 7" ..... RTS.10 1973 RTC/SATBEL

Lonely In A Crowd / This Is My Lovely 7" . RPM.318 1969 RPM

Danke Schoen / Wonder Of The World 7" . PD.7-8769 1963 GALLO/CONTINENTAL

Let's Get Away / Never Too Late 7" . F.11735 1963 DECCA

Love Me / You're My Thrill 7" . F 11509 DECCA

Love Me / You're My Thrill 7" . FM.7-6941 1962 DECCA

Moon River / African Waltz 7" . PD.7-8537 GALLO/CONTINENTAL

Goeie Nuus! / Good News! LP . BR/135 BRIGADIERS MUSIEK
- Eve Boswell sing danstreffers van alle tye... ...Dan Hill en sy Fabelagtige orkes
- Eve Boswell sings all time dance hits... ...Dan Hill and his Fabulous orchestra
- Ten bate an POSKANTOOR Liefdadigheids-, Siekte en Beusfondse
- In aid of POST OFFICE Charity, Sick and Bursary Funds
Kant Een:
1. That Certain Party; That's My Weakness Now; Ain't That A Grand And Glorious Feeling
2. Alibama
3. Carolina Moon; When It's Springtime In The Rockies
4. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
5. Mama 'K Wil 'n Man Hê
6. I'm Sitting On Top Of The World; There's A Rainbow Round My Shoulder
Kant Twee:
1. Die Stellenbosch Se Boys; Graskop Polka; Daar Lê Die Ding
2. Charlie My Boy; Baby Face; If You Knew Suzie
3. Rooi Rose Wals
4. Bokkie
5. Enjoy Yourselves
6. Boerekos

Eve Boswell sing danstreffers van alle tye
Dan Hill en sy ui thaler orkes
Ten bate van Poskantoor sieke-, liefdadigheids- en beursfondse

Eve bring Goeze Nuus !
EVE BOSWELL en die Poskantoor het feitlik sinoniem geword. Nie alleen is sy deur beide die Britse en Suid-Afrikaanse posamptenare verkies tot hul gunsteling nooi nie - maar nou het sy met 'n gebaar vorendag gekom wat haar selfs 'n groter gunsteling sal maak.
,,Ek bewonder al die amptenare van die poskantoor wat deurentyd die kommunikasies van die land aan die gang hou. Die posbesteller daag op by ons briewebussies - ongeag die weerstoestande, ongeag die feit dat hy miskien voetseer is. Die sentrales hanteer ons oproepe, probeer ons altyd die vinnigste en mees effektiewe diens lewer. Die manne en vroue agter die toonbanke en lessenaars, by die sorteertafels, by die telegrafiese afdeling - hulle en die talle ander amptenare wie se werk nie eens in fn besondere kategorie val nie, kry baie min eer vir hul pligsgetroue diens.
,,Daarom dat hierdie langspeelplaat by name GOEIE NUUS! / GOOD NEWS! ontstaan het. Dit is 'n huldeblyk aan die Poskantoor as geheel. En dit gaan ook aangewend word om fondse in te samel vir die Poskantoor se sieke-, liefdadigheids- en beursfondse.vetseun
Almal wat na die vrolike stem van Eve Boswell en die hartlike begeleiding van Dan Hill luister, moet onomwonde verklaar: hier is 'n treffer wat onontbeerlik is op enige partytjie! Elke Poskantoorbeampte gaan hart en siel ywer om GOEIE NUUS! / GOOD NEWS! die beste verkoper van 1962 te maak. En hulle gaan beslis geen probleem ondervind om hul doelstelling te bereik nie - want wat kan meer aangenaam wees as om GOEIE NUUS! te ontvang! Lekker luister!

Eve Boswell sings all time danee hits
Dan Hill and his fabulous orchestra
In aid of Post Office sick, charity and bursary funds

Eve brings Good News!
EVE BOSWELL and the Post Office are practically synonomous. She was chosen by the British and South African postal officials as their favourite pin-up girl - this is how our rising star expresses herself in a wonderful gesture.
'I admire all the officials of the Post Office that continuously endeavour to keep communications running. In spite of the weather the men and women behind the counter seem to keep going, come what may. Efficient service in the exchanges sees to it that our calls are put through as fast as is humanly possible. Men behind the scenes performing hundreds of different duties receive very little praise in recognition of their unstinting and devoted service.
'This long playing record, GOEIE NUUS! / GOOD NEWS!, is an inspired tribute to these unselfish people, and was recorded in honour ofthe Post Office, and of the thousands of postal offcials throughout the country. The proceeds from the sale of this record will be used for the Post Office sick, welfare, and bursary funds.
Everyone listening to the Happy voice of Eve Boswell and wonderful accompaniment of Dan Hill and his augmented orchestra, will say 'Encore' to this fabulous combination. This is a must for every party!
Every Post Office official is going to put his heart and soul in this cause, and is going to make this long playing record the best seller ever. Nothing is going to stand in their way to reach their ultimate goal - because what can be more pleasant than to receive GOOD NEWS!? Happy listening! - omslag

Eve Boswell's Showcase No. 2 7" EP . GEP8717 1958 PARLOPHONE
Side 1:
1. The Gypsy In My Soul
2. Bewitched
Side 2:
1. Everything I Have Is Yours
2. Stop Whistlin' Wolf

Sugar And Spice 10" ... PMDJ 1039 1957 PARLOPHONE
Side One:
1. You Go To My Head
2. Santa Lucia
3. Mexican Hat Dance
4. April In Portugal
5. Sarie Marais
Side Two:
1. Once In A While
2. Autumn Leaves
3. Anna
4. Gypsy Moon
5. Auf Wiedersehen My Dear

with accompaniment directed by Ken Jones
Turnabout Heart / Misty 7" . 45-R 4618 PARLOPHONE

with Orchestra Conducted by Tony Osborne
You Are Never Far Away From Me / ... 7" . 45-R 4555 PARLOPHONE

with Accompaniment directed by Eric Jupp
If I Had A Talking Picture Of You / Piccaninny 7" . 45-R 4517 PARLOPHONE

with The Reg Owen Orchestra / with Orchestra Conducted by Ron Goodwin
I Know Why / More Than Ever 7" . 45-R 4479 PARLOPHONE

with Orchestra and Chorus directed by Eric Juno
Voom-Ba-Voom / Left Right Out Of My Heart 7" . 45-R 4455 PARLOPHONE

with Orchestra conducted by Reg Owen
Chantez, Chantez / She Said 7" . 45-R 4299 PARLOPHONE

with The Reg Owen Orchestra
I Know Why / More Than Ever 7" . 45-SPD 132 PARLOPHONE

Stop Whisltlin', Wolf / It's Been A Long, Long Time 7" . F3829 CAPITOL
Side 1:
1. Stop Whisltlin', Wolf with Tommy Watts' Orchestra and Chorus
Side 2:
1. It's Been A Long, Long Time with Reg Owen's Orchestra

with Reg Owen's Orchestra
Where In The World Is Billy? / Rock Robbin' Boats 7" . F3685 CAPITOL

with Orchestra Conducted by Reg Owen
Down By The Sugar Cane / Keeping Cool With Lemonade 7" . F3484 CAPITOL

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