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Ernestine Deane (Moodphase5ive)
Brown DVD .......................

Ernestine produced this film about herself and her family, tracing their collective story back through the days of aparthied to their early roots in the city. Narrated by Ernestine, and produced by her, Brown is a take on the city and its past through the eyes of a young woman on the verge of motherhood trying to build a new community and nation.

Dub For Mama ......................................... GOEMARATI
1. Prayer For Cape Town
2. Think Again met Buddy Wells
3. Fading Away
4. Dubsung
5. Bringing Love Back
6. Kissing The Sun
7. Dub For Mama
8. Brown met Buddy Wells
9. Oupa En Ernie
10. Praha Paradise met Tim Parr
11. Spare Me
12. Fall Into My Dreams
13. Watersong met Brydon Bolton
14. Lotus Blossom
15. Dub Divine
16. Think Again met Neo Muyanga

ook op:
Human kompilasie - Brown (2008)
Goemarati! kompilasie - Fading Away (2008)
Moyo - Vol. 4 - "Ine" kompilasie - Watersong
Moyo - Vol. 2 kompilasie - Prayer For Cape Town
The Collaboration kompilasie - Soul Story met Simphiwe Dana (2004)
Mac Mckenzie and the Goema Captains - Healing Destination (2003)
Breyten Breytenbach - Lady One: Of Love and Other Poems (Boek + CD) kompilasie (2002)
Mikanic - Don't Push (2002)

skakels :

2018 07 20 - Emile XY? 50th Birthay Celebration: DJ Ready D, Beat Bangers, Ernestine Deane, Trenton, Blaq Pearl, In The Key Of B, Klipbok, Mixed Mense, DJ Real Rozzano, Concrete Apostles, Bliksemstraal, Tough Nation, Klein Fortuin, Boognation, Cape Town Multi Service Centre, Plantation Primary, Kannemeyer Primary and more, Kannemeyer Primary Hall, 19:00, R100

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