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Don Williams .com
And So It Goes ........ SELBCD1052 2013 SELECT
1. Better Than Today
2. Heart Of Hearts
3. She's With Me
4. I Just Come Here For The Music (Featuring Alison Krauss)
5. Infinity
6. What If It Worked Like That
7. She's A Natural
8. Imagine That
9. First Fool In Line
10. And So It Goes

Don Williams (born May 27, 1939) in Floydada, Texas, is a country music singer and songwriter. After seven years with the folk-pop group Pozo Seco Singers, he began his solo career in 1971, singing popular ballads and amassing 17 number one hits. His straightforward vocals, soft tones, and an imposing build earned him the nickname the gentle giant of country music.
Don Williams is back with a brand new album And so it goes . They came to call Don Williams the Gentle Giant in the decades he was a dominating country hit maker because of his unique blend of commanding presence and that laid-back, easy style that has appealed to adult men and women alike cutting across national and genre boundaries. If those personal and musical qualities stood out strongly across the 1970s, 80s and 90s, they are all the more distinctive in 2013. Don Williams has never sounded like he felt the need to sell somebody something, or to prove anything. On And So It Goes, that winning, self-assured ease is again front and center, and the musical style that has made Don a ballad vocal model for performers ranging from Eric Clapton (with whom he d traded songs Tulsa Time, Lay Down Sally ) to Keith Urban (who guests on this release). One listen to the characteristically right on-target vocals on this first Don Williams recording in eight years and his admirers will be wondering what he s done to maintain that strength over the hiatus.

In My Life - Collectables . RTBCD2187 2006 PT MUSIC

Best Of Don Williams . RTBCD2147 2006 PT MUSIC

met Jim Reeves
The Very Best Of Don Williams And Jim Reeves . RTBCD2209 2006 PT MUSIC
1. Yonder Comes A Sucker (Jim Reeves)
2. You're My Best Friend (Don Williams)
3. The Highway To Nowhere (Jim Reeves)
4. Spend Some Time With Me (Don Williams)
5. The Oklahoma Hills (Jim Reeves)
6. Amanda (Don Williams)
7. Till The End Of The World (Jim Reeves)
8. Coming Apart (Don Williams)
9. I've Lived A Lot In My Time (Jim Reeves)
10. Follow Me Back To Louisville (Don Williams)
11. Home (Jim Reeves)
12. Where Do I Go From Here (Don Williams)
13. I'd Like To Be Me (Jim Reeves)
14. Tulsa Time (Don Williams)
15. In A Mansion Stands My Love (Jim Reeves)
16. Good Old Boys Like Me (Don Williams)
17. The Wind Up (Jim Reeves)
18. Take My Hand For A While (Don Williams)
19. Waiting For A Train (Jim Reeves)

Tribute to Don Williams - Greatest Hits
kompilasie LP ........ MW(LD) 70030 1981 MUSIC WAY

The Very Best Of LP ......... ML 4469 1980 GALLO

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