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Deity's Muse
New Trends In Slavery .... CDENT 013 ENT ENTERTAINMENT
1. Two Faced
2. Burial Ground
3. All You Have
4. Ghosts
5. Ten Years
6. Poles Apart
7. The Man Who Forgot Himself
8. Repressive
9. Rhino Skin
10. The Weight Of Guilt
11. Everlost

The Eyes Don't See What The Heart Bleeds . CDENT 007 2006 ENT ENTERTAINMENT
1. This Broken Scar
2. Change For You
3. The Coldest Day
4. What You Deserve
5. To Scale These Walls
6. Lost
7. Dead Locusts
8. Until It's Gone
9. Paracetamol
10. Paralysis
11. On My Knees
12. A Thousand Fractures
13. The Orphan

Inspired, creative, heavy, catchy and groovy are all words which can describe 'The Eyes Don't See What The Heart Bleeds', the brand new album from Joburg rockers Deity's Muse. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at the infamous B# Studios between January and April 2006 with a little help from rock producer extraodinaire, John Paul Destefani (Sugardrive, Fokofpolisiekar, Fuzigish).
The album delivers a stellar performance backed by the high standard of production that we've all come to expect from B# Studios. 'The Eyes Don't See What The Heart Bleeds' breathes and pulsates perfectly through all 13 tracks proving that Deity's Muse are a force to be reckoned with.

The debut full length album from power rock/metal trio Deity's Muse. With a range of influences from classic rock to hardcore the band fuse a sound that is unique and from which there can be no passengers. Features the stunning opener 'This Broken Scar' the album never slows down in tempo or power. With a fantastic Tim Burtonesque album sleeve (they don't make them like this anymore) the band kicks and never lets go. With great production and powerhouse drumming Deity's Muse are one band to keep an eye on.

Paracetamol EP ................................ 2004
Away From Me

Life You Waste ................................... 2003
Dead Man's Possessions
Can't Breathe
Too Afraid

skakels :

2007 10 27 - Prelude To June, Deity's Muse, Straatligkinders, Underdone, Pyramids, Klerksdorp, R30

2007 08 25 - The Summoning II: Outside Stage: Erebus (JHB), Brazen Theory (JHB), Chokehold (JHB), Choking Hazard (Vdbp), Gadabout (JHB), Clone (DBN), Sleep In Hate (MOZ), Mind Assault (CT), Psordid (PTA), FearFall (JHB), Contrast The Water (DBN), Warthane (JHB), Deity's Muse (JHB), SacriFist (JHB), Agro (JHB), Ancient Influence (PTA)
Inside Stage: ... Witchazel (JHB), Guernica (JHB), Unlisted (JHB), Barely Breathing (JHB), TonyDanza (Badsonderpropfontein), Medea Project (DBN), ...And Winter (Nelspr), Creophagous (DBN), ...Ing (CT), Chromium (JHB), Undertone (JHB), Monkey Finger (JHB), Torment (JHB), Elegy (Secunda), Libido (JHB), Knave (JHB), All Forlorn (JHB), Autumn Sun (JHB), Bell's Sundowners, 11:00, R50

2007 06 30 - Sun To Moon Rock Fest: Main Stage: Soil 7T7, NuL, L.A. Cobra, Jo Day, Max Normal, Pestroy, Francois van Coke (Fokofpolisiekar Unplugged), The Awakening, Wickhead, Runica, Dementia Stage: Fearfall, Hokum, Choke Hold, Deitys Muse, Mesadoth, RhütZ, SacriFist, Chromium, Kobus!, Warthane, Zeplin's, Pretoria, 13:00, R100

2006 07 01 - Sun To Moon Rock Festival, In Dreams, Deity's Muse, SHU, Dubway, SacriFist, Pestroy, Mind Assault, Wickhead, Misericord, 16Stitch, The Narrow,The Awakening, 384 Pretorius Street, Pretoria, 12:00, R60

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