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Danny K .com (Daniel Koppel)
Great South African Performers . CDPS 029 2011 GALLO
1. Hurts So Bad
2. Love In The Club
3. This Is My Time
4. Unfrozen
5. So Many Ways
6. I Can't Imagine
7. Boogie All Night Long
8. You Don't Know My Name
9. Outda Control
10. Senorita
11. Shorty
12. Who's That Girl

Across_The_Line ............ J23CD01 2010 J23
1. Across The Line
2. I Get Up Again
3. Made 2 Love U
4. Chains
5. Wishing Well
6. Barricade
7. Shades
8. Follow Me
9. Projecta
10. The Borrower
11. Lennon

This Is My Time ........ CDRPM 1955 2007 RPM
1. This Is My Tune
2. Shorty
3. Separate Lies
4. Clothes Off
5. Real Man
6. Outdacontrol
7. Knock Me Off
8. 1000 Sorrys
9. I Like Yo Style
10. Everything About It
11. One Night
12. Unfrozen
13. I Love You
14. All About You
15. It Doesn't Matter

South Africa's very own superstar Danny K returns in 2006 with what has been described as his most mature, emotional and startling album ever. One listen to This Is My Time proves that Danny K has travelled a long way down the proverbial road of stardom and has accrued the experience and professionalism which has readied him to take on the world. From the up-tempo grooves of Shorty and the sultry sounds of Real Man, to the powerful and moving ballad Unfrozen and the title track This Is My Time, Danny K is at the top of his game.

met Mandoza
Same Difference .......CDCCP 2046 2004 CCP RECORDS/EMI
1. Mission
2. Friday
3. Music
4. Rollercoaster
5. The Last One's
6. Ooh Child (Ungabaleki) met Stagga
7. 4 Koll
8. You Wish
9. Mzanzi Party
10. Free
11. Summertime
12. Faki Nchayelo
13. How We Roll
14. Ooh Child (Ungabaleki) Remix
15. Music Remix

J23 ............................... CDRPM 1821 2003 RPM/SABC3
1. I Could Love You
2. One Of A Kind
3. Beautiful
4. Who's That Girl met Johnny Clegg
5. Unstoppable
6. I Just Don't Wanna
7. Murder
8. Boogie All Night Long met Kabelo & Sid Money
9. Love In The Club
10. Soopadoopa
11. How Can I Be
12. J23 Interlude
13. I Can't Imagine
14. Strength Of A Woman
15. Serendipity
16. Sunshine
17. Back In Your Life
18. Stay With Me (Live Version)

Since the release of his debut solo album, Danny K has gone on to release numerous chart-topping hits and award-winning albums including the singles Hurts So Bad, You Don't Know My Name and Senorita.
In 2003 he released this, his second album, entitled J23 which extended Danny's signature Rhythm & Pop sound. He collabrated with Alexis Faku and Pete Martin (who were responsible for producing a great deal of the material that formed Danny's debut release), and the album was recorded trans-continentally in Johannesburg and London.
Danny was named People Magazine's 2003 "Hottest SA Hunk," and named one of SA's Top Ten Sexiest Men by Cosmolitan's magazine. In 2004 he collaborated with South African artist Mandoza to release the album Same Difference which won them a 2005 Best Pop Album SAMA. Since then he has spent his time opening for intennational acts, writing, producing and preparing for the release of his new album in September 2006. He was the first South African musician to perform on the Oprah Winfrey Show in Chicago, and performed for Nelson Mandela and Oprah Winfrey at Madiba's annual birthday party in Qunu in Transkei.

Danny K .................... CDGURB 011 2001 GALLO
1. You Don't Know My Name
2. Getting Down
3. Hurts So Bad
4. Bull$*@!
5. Cheatin
6. My Destiny
7. Too Young (To Hurt So Bad)
8. Senorita
9. So Many Ways met TK
10. Boom Boom
11. On My Own
12. Where The Wind Goes
13. I'm Yours Tonight
14. Getting met Speedy & Loyiso

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