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Confessions Of A Hero ... CHR001 2009
1. It Begins Here
2. Finding My Own Escape
3. Descending Away From You
4. The Last Time
5. All I Have
6. Inner Demons
7. World of Lies
8. Let It Go
9. The Emptiness
10. Replication
11. Confessions of a Hero
12. The Endless Need

Some of Chromium's musical highlights include: Nightfall Festival featuring Blind Guardian, the Devil Driver Tour to South Africa (November 2008), KTV Power Edition (Live), Ramfest (Cape Town), DoorStock, various Zeplin's Metalfests (Pretoria), Seasons Wither Rock Festival (JHB). They also performed live on GoRock (DStv) and released two music videos.
In November 2006, Chromium received an endorsement from Hughes & Kettner, one of the best amplification brands of all time. In 2007, they also received new sponsors and endorsements, such as Music Connection, Dean Guitars South Africa and Jägermeister.

Intro Spectre ....................................... 2008
Forgive Me
I Wait
Ex Amino
New Born Eyes

skakels :

2008 02 29-03 02 - Ramfest - Beyond Boundaries 2008: Battery 9, K.O.B.U.S!, Van Coke Kartel, Taxi Violence, Fuzigish, aKING, Lark, The Awakening, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Foto Na Dans, Kidofdoom, Unit-R, Mind Assault, Pestroy, Rhuts, Chromium, Gadabout, Day Turns Night, Knave, Torment, Contrast The Water, Ashtray Electric, Spindle Sect, Failing Forward, Decimation Age, Antipathy, Yossariian, Falling Short, White Buzz (UK) - myspace - facebook -

2007 08 25 - The Summoning II: Outside Stage: Erebus (JHB), Brazen Theory (JHB), Chokehold (JHB), Choking Hazard (Vdbp), Gadabout (JHB), Clone (DBN), Sleep In Hate (MOZ), Mind Assault (CT), Psordid (PTA), FearFall (JHB), Contrast The Water (DBN), Warthane (JHB), Deity's Muse (JHB), SacriFist (JHB), Agro (JHB), Ancient Influence (PTA)
Inside Stage: ... Witchazel (JHB), Guernica (JHB), Unlisted (JHB), Barely Breathing (JHB), TonyDanza (Badsonderpropfontein), Medea Project (DBN), ...And Winter (Nelspr), Creophagous (DBN), ...Ing (CT), Chromium (JHB), Undertone (JHB), Monkey Finger (JHB), Torment (JHB), Elegy (Secunda), Libido (JHB), Knave (JHB), All Forlorn (JHB), Autumn Sun (JHB), Bell's Sundowners, 11:00, R50

2007 06 30 - Medium2Rare presents Foto Na Dans (from Cape Town) also performing: Straatligkinders (from Potch), Knave, Reach, Chromium, Dizdit, Synapse, Playhouse, Downward Spiral, Sonsteek, Wynand Marais Saal, Kempton Park, 15:00 - - - Musicians Friend -

2007 06 30 - Sun To Moon Rock Fest: Main Stage: Soil 7T7, NuL, L.A. Cobra, Jo Day, Max Normal, Pestroy, Francois van Coke (Fokofpolisiekar Unplugged), The Awakening, Wickhead, Runica, Dementia Stage: Fearfall, Hokum, Choke Hold, Deitys Muse, Mesadoth, RhütZ, SacriFist, Chromium, Kobus!, Warthane, Zeplin's, Pretoria, 13:00, R100

2007 05 19 - "The Soup Kitchen" Charity Rock Festival: In aid of the Friends of Rescued Animals Organisation: Agro, Chromium, Insek, Inersha, Knave, Torment, Far Beyond Driven, Chokehold, Warthane, Munkinpure, Namuh, R40 - Marshall - Music Maker - Freed City - - Tom-X

2007 04 07 - Medium2Rare presents: Shannon Lee, aSolitarySecond, Falling Short, Straatligkinders, DizDit, HiKaToRi, The Frail (Secunda), TwentyOneGuns, iNeRsHa (Tour), Chromium (Tour), Imago (CD Launch), Sonsteek (CD Launch), Wynand Marais Saal, Kempton Park, 13:00 - - Musicians Friend - -

2006 04 29 - Witchfest '06: Forever Will Burn, Tonight We Die, Impropriety, RhütZ, Chief Rebel Angel, Three Chord Theory, VOL, New Altum, Sleeping At The Popes, The Scare, Antipathy, Half Price, Tides Of Oblivion, Mind Assault, Dogs Of War, Chromium, N.E.M.F, Lovehunter, Nemesis Army, Armour, Man In Suit, 10:30, R60

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