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Chrizaan - Ek Kan Nie Wag (Vir Die La La La) VID >>>

Chrizaan - Humpty Dumpty VID >>>

Belowe My ............................ VONK172 2013 VONK MUSIEK
1. Belowe My
2. Ek Mis Jou
3. Gee Jou Hart
4. Humpty Dumpty
5. In Jou Arms
6. So Verlief
7. Toe Ek Jou Wou Hê
8. Want Ek Lief Jou
9. Ek Kan Nie Wag (Vir Die La La La)
10. Heartless
11. Smelt Vir My
12. Chemistry
13. Lê Op Jou Sy

Verslaaf Aan Jou ....... CDEMIM 375 2010 EMI
1. Na-Na-Na (Oor My)
2. Lekker Speeltyd
3. Verslaaf Aan Jou
4. Liewe Heksie
5. Lollipop
6. Ek Is Wat Jy Verdien
7. Jy's My Baby Son
8. Spaceman
9. Ek Kry Net Nie Genoeg Van Jou
10. Butterfly Lady
11. Alles Net Vir Jou
12. Addicted
13. Baby Dis Al
14. Permanent

In My Hart .................... CDEMIM 339 2007 EMI
1. In My Hart
2. Bokkie Vir My
3. Somernagte
4. Sal Jy My Weer Kan Liefhê
5. 'n Duisend Ure
6. Liedjie Net Vir Jou
7. Gee My
8. Ek Soek Jou
9. My Droom
10. One Word
11. Jy Is
12. Dreaming
13. Que Sera Sera
14. Bietjie Stywer Vas

There's a new face on the Afrikaans music scene - and if Chrizaan has anything to do with it, she's going to be a major star before long.
Just 19-years-old Chrizaan's got the passion and fire to make an impact on this highly competitive part of the South African music industry, and the songs to match.
First out-of-the-gate is 'In My Hart', the debut radio single from the Vanderbijlpark-based teenager, and the song has all the makings of a hit for Chrizaan.
In fact, it's also one of the songs Chrizaan has written herself so she's justifiably proud that this is her first public calling card to what's likely to be a large and devoted fanbase.
"I wrote my first song when I was about 12 and I am very proud that my first single is going to be something that I was so personally involved in," she reveals.
Actually, the inspiration behind 'In My Hart' was the breakup with a boyfriend when she was in Grade 10 and the result is a song that will speak directly to the heart of anyone who has ever faced heartbreak.
"I think that is what I love most about writing songs and singing," Chrizaan confides. "The way you can sing about something very personal but at the same time the people listening to you interpret it through their own experiences."
'In My Hart' is taken off Chrizaan's debut album which features 12-tracks of music that takes its inspiration from rock, country and pop. The album includes several English songs (including a version of OMD's beautiful 'Dreaming') but the bulk of the album is destined to be embraced by Afrikaans music fans.

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