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Chris Letcher (Koppies, Urban Creep)
The Fun's Not Over: The Bernoldus Niemand Story
vetseunLAAI AF
klankbaan ........................................... 2018

Hyperbalist ................... SSCLEP 02 2013

Spectroscope ................ SSCD 527 2011 SHEER
1. Sun Intro
2. The Sun! The Sun!
3. The Loneliest Air
4. Twin Fins
5. Starrrs
6. Phone Booth
7. You Only Had To Point
8. T-fins (Intro)
9. Sleeping It Off
10. I'm New Here
11. Seeing Things
12. One Died
13. Joined Back To Nature

Harmonium .......................... SSCD 519 SHEER
1. Harmonium
2. I Was Awake (Revisited)
3. Scenes
4. Parker
5. Wait (Full Band Version)
6. Milk (Radio Edit)
7. Architect (Edit)

Frieze ................................ SSCD 507 2006 SHEER
1. Deep Frieze
2. Architect
3. Swallow's Tail
4. Milk
5. Sketch
6. Robotic Soldiers
7. Bad Shepherd
8. Special Agents
9. Bird Caught Fire
10. Misheen
11. Wait
12. I Was Awake I Could Not Move My Eyes
13. If Nothing Else
14. So Long, Dust!
15. Lopsided
16. Sketch (Akoesties)
FRIEZE sees respected SA composer Chris Letcher, who enjoyed instant commercial success with his first recording outfit Urban Creep, offer a combination of artistic depth, solid accessible hooks and quirky originality.
Chris Letcher's credibility grew with each release of four critically acclaimed albums of his own work. The most recent, 'Bignity', written and recorded with fellow songwriter Matthew van der Want, was nominated in the Best Rock Album category at the 2003 South African Music Awards.
Having graduated from Trinity College of Music, London, in 2003 with a Masters in Music for composition, Chris is currently studying towards a DMus in film music composition at the Royal College of Music, London. The new "UK-based" influence has seen Chris Letcher shift from acoustic to a more mainstream album in a 'Coldplay' mode.
Singles "Deep Frieze" & "Milk", while directing the music to the radiowaves, still mirror the strength and vision of all the songs whose combination form this unique musical work of art.

Van der Want & Letcher
vetseunvetseunKOOP/BUYLAAI AF
Bignity ................................. SHIF 004 2003 SHIFTY RECORDS/SJAMBOK MUSIC
1. Deadends
2. Pianist
3. Saving The Scenes
4. Badmouthing
5. Fugue
6. Easy
7. Lenscap
8. One Time
9. Turning Tables
10. Low Riding
11. Roses
12. Misheen
13. Blue Eyes

Intelligent, electro-folk rock with lyrics that will keep you enchanted after several re-listens. This superbly produced album includes some mean electric guitar, fine harmonies and frequently brilliant string arrangements. "One Time" is the kind of honest heartfelt love song that makes buying this album worthwhile. Then again - the whole damn thing is utterly spellbinding.

Play My Way .......................................... 2001

met Matthew van der Want
Low Riding ................ BANGCD033 1998 TIC TIC BANG
1. Attack
2. Move
3. Home
4. Static
5. What Am I Doing?
6. Special Agents
7. A Cause Lost
8. Place Of Our Own
9. Love The New Direction Man
10. Sub
11. Waterfall Special Piano

met Matthew van der Want
E.P. 'n Tombi .................. BANGCD028 TIC TIC BANG
1. Cellphone Intro
2. The Rosettenville Blues
3. Mind-Altering Intro
4. Drugs Uncool
5. My Broken Heart
6. Country & Western
7. Ha Ha Haat

skakels :


2020 07 30 - Van der Want Letcher featuring Andrew Joseph, Nicholas Bjorkman, Victoria Hume - - howler - SHIFTY RECORDS

2015 09 24 - Heritage Voëlvry Festival: Gereformeerde Blues Band, Valiant Swart, The Kêrels, Francois van Coke, Van der Want & Letcher - In tribute to Johannes Kerkorrel and James Phillips [Bernoldus Niemand] with special quests, Spier Amfitheater, Stellenbosch - SHIFTY RECORDS - Alliance Francaise - Spier -

2014 09 24 - Shifty Heritage Music Festival: Tananas, The Genuines, Vusi Mahlasela, Urban Creep, Kalahari Surfers & Lesego Rampolokeng, Rian Malan, The Kêrels, Louis Mhlanga, Jonathan "Rat" Handley, Robin Auld, Jennifer Ferguson, Van der Want & Letcher, Matthew van der Want, Tony Cox, Simba Morri, 10 Henry Nxumalo Street, Newtown, Joburg!, 11:00 - Alliance Francaise Johannesburg - SAHA - SAMRO - Spier - Business and Arts South Africa - Institut Fracais

2007 04 06-08 - Oppikoppi Easter Festival - More Than Somewhat: Hothouse Flowers, 340ml, Selaelo Selota, Chris Letcher, Lovejones, Tidal Waves, UJU, Bloodmoney, Fuzigish, Kidofdoom, Harris Tweed, The Beams, K.O.B.U.S!, Swartskaap, The Kick, Parlotones, Wickhead, Ménage á Trois, The Bang, Albert Frost Trio, Evolver, The Hellphones, No Quarter (A.K.A Johnathan Martin Band), SHU, New Academics and somewhat more..., R299 - Windhoek Draught - White Horse Sessions - Old Mutual
2007 04 06 - Karmanite : The Black Hotels : Janice & the Halfjacks : The Bang : Ménage à Trois : Selaelo Selota : Chris Letcher : Hothouse Flowers : Albert Frost Trio : The Hellphones
2007 04 07 - Namuh : One Sock Thief : Die Straatligkinders : The Kick : Bloodmoney : The Beams : Kidofdoom : Harris Tweed : New Academics : Evolver : Love Jones : Tidal Waves : SHU
2007 04 08 - Swartskaap : Piet Planter & Jazz Band : Josie Field : Lukraaketaar : Clark & Van der Hoven : UJU : No Quarter : Wickhead : The Parlotones : 340ml : Fuzigish : K.O.B.U.S!

2004 08 06-09 - OPPIKOPP10: 16Stitch, 340ml, Ashton Nyte, Band O Gypsys, Battery 9, Bed On Bricks, Brixton Moord En Roof Orkes, Boo!, Buckfever Underground, Dan Patlansky en die Mississippi Muthers, David Foster, Delta Blue, Fake Leather Blues Band, Fokofpolisiekar, Freshlyground, Gert Vlok Nel, Gordon's Suitcase, Greg Georgiades en Hasjis Joshi, Jack Hammer, Jo Day, Karen Zoid, Karma, Kobus!, Koos Kombuis, Laurinda Hofmeyr, Liela Groenewald, Loose Cannon, Mesadoth, MXO, Nine, Piet Planter, Prime Circle, Riku Lätti, SHU, Springbok Nude Girls, Soil 7T7, Squeal, Sugardrive, The Narrow, Tidal Waves, Tumi & The Volume, Corné & Twakkie van "The Most Amazing Show", Tyburn, Valiant Swart, Van der Want / Letcher, Wickhead, Wonderboom, Northam, PTA -

1999 07 28,29,30 - Koos Kombuis with Frank & Albert Frost, Simon 'Agent' Orange and featuring Van der Want/Letcher, Gigi's Bostro, Dorp Street, Stellenbosch, 21:00 - Martell

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