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Chappie Chipmunk
Adventures In Anywhereland LP . MFP/SRSJ 7041 1973 MUSIC FOR PLEASURE
- Direct from Bill Prince's Radio Serial
a) Introduction by Bill Prince and featuring Clive Parnell, Mike Drin, Gordon van Ruyen and Robert Dell Kyrk
b) Music composed by Richard Black and Tulley McCulley
c) Lyrics written by Peter Fryer
d) Story written by Lindsay du Plessis and Peter Fryer
e) Produced by Clive Parnell in Ad-Vision Studios, Cape Town

CHIPMUNK's adventures in anywhereland
What do you do with little animals who are always getting into trouble?
Well in my case I just have to put up with it, and get them out of trouble as best I can, and that often takes some doing as you will know if you listen into the Chappie Chipmunk* Show broadcast on Springbok Radio every Thursday afternoon at five o'clock.
For four years now these furry characters have been getting into scrapes on the radio, and on this record, of course, they are getting into one of the most peculiar adventures that ever befell them ....
Chappie is, of course, always trying to be good, very often succeeds. In fact I think he would succeed all the time if it weren't for the influence of young Lennie the Leopard* .... He's the one who is the bane of my life. Lennie is the one who gives me a nice lettuce sandwich to eat without telling me there are caterpi|Iars on the lettuce .... He's the one who got us into trouble with the Red Indians when we went exploring in the wild West,- and when I spent hours and hours making a beautiful trifle for their Christmas party, who do you think fell off the tree, splosh into the trifle? Lennie of course - the little leopard who fancies that he is an expert on everything.
Not that there's anything bad about Lennie, I would never dream of being parted from either of these two animals, but if you were listening to the radio programme some time ago, when my garden was flooded and the wall fell down, you'll remember that it was Lennie's bright idea that caused the catastrophe. He was just trying to help, and, of course, in his expert way, showed Chappie how to help too.
I'm sure you're going to enjoy this long adventure that befell my two furry friends, and they've asked me to ask you to join our club.
Oooh I just felt a sharp claw on my neck which means it's time to tell you that Chappie and Lennie are most anxious for you to try out the record, so why not put it on now, and we'|| get together on Springbok Radio next. Thursday at five o'c|ock. Bye for now from BILL PRINCE

Introduction by Bill Prince and featuring Clive Parnell, Mike Drin,Gordon van Ruyen and Robert Dell Kyrk.
Music composed by Richard Black and Tulley McCulley.
Lyrics written by Peter Fryer.
Story written by Lindsay du Plessis and Peter Fryer.
Produced by Clive Parnell in Ad-Vision, Cape Town.
*Chappie Chipmunk and Lenny Leopard are proprietary brands of Chapelat Industries, Johannesburg

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