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Captain Stu & The Llama's
The Adventures Of Captain Stu . CS002 CAPTAIN STU/BOWLINE
1. Blinding Lights
2. Still the Same
3. Value Systems
4. More than Friends
5. Let Go
6. The Journey
7. At A Crossroads
8. Message of Love
9. Weyo
10. Shake
11. The Journey (Remix)

Captain Stu now stands as a five piece group of dedicated and professional musicians. They are excited to be touring Durban in September 2009 for the first performances as a phenomenal 5-piece. They have been play listed on all the campus radio stations as well as SAFM and Bush Radio. Captain Stu is a regular sight on the festival scene and has shared the stage with many reputable artists and was proud to be runners up in the popular Road to V competition. Showing that they are incredibly comfortable in the limelight, they have spent time on MK Studio 1, MTV Bass, as well as eTV's Showbiz Report. This band is truly a force to be reckoned with and makes being Indie the ultimate cool...

skakels :

2012 10 28 - Park Acoustics in association with Jack Daniel's: Yo Grapes, Vana & The Oh So Serious, Captain Stu, Napalma, Albert Frost, Sunset Comedy Stage with Melt Sieberhagen and Deep Fried Man, Fort Schanskop, Eeufees Road, Groenkloof, Pretoria, 11:00, R70, R80, - Business And Arts South Africa - Voortrekkermonument - Park Acoustics - Jack Daniel's - Brent Black Studios

2008 12 18 - Groot Gees Rock Fees III: Die Heuwels Fantasties, Die Helde, Foto Na Dans, Straatligkinders, Reaanrottweiller, Tidal Waves, City Bowl Mizers, éF-éL, New Holland, Zinkplaat, Captain Stu, The Pretty Blue Guns, Mr. Cat & The Jackal , Pitty The Fool, Willim Welsyn & Die Sunrise Toffies, Die Kloof Lanks Stables, 13h00


2008 12 - DPK bied aan Die MK 3de Avontoer: Foto Na Dans, Straatligkinders, Tidal Waves, Captain Stu, Zinkplaat, New Holland, City Bowl Mizers, éF-éL, The Pretty Blue Guns - De Plate Kompanje - Tassenberg - MK - www, -
2008 12 03 - Tidal Waves, Pretty Blue Guns, Back2Basix, 20:00. R 40
2008 12 04 - Pretty Blue Guns, "Studio 1", MK, 19:00
2008 12 04 - Tidal Waves, Pretty Blue Guns, Tings 'n Times, 21:00, R 40
2008 12 05 - Foto Na Dans, New Holland, Pretty Blue Guns, Gecko Bar, Hermanus. 20:00, R 40
2008 12 05 - Zinkplaat, Willim Welsyn & die Sunrise Toffies, Filly Fusion, Plettenbergbaai, 20:00, R40
2008 12 06 - Foto Na Dans, New Holland, Pretty Blue Guns, Filly Fusion, Plettenbergbaai, 20:00, R40

2008 06 - Ubuntoer II - Rock Against Racism: Zinkplaat, New Holland, Die Helde - De Plate Kompanje - Fender - UJFM - NWU - Chatta Box -
2008 06 13 - Zinkplaat, New Holland, Die Helde met Bed On Bricks, Aandklas, Stellenbosch
2008 06 14 - Zinkplaat, New Holland, Die Helde met Captain Stu, The Assembly, Kaapstad
2008 06 16 - Zinkplaat, New Holland, Die Helde met Die Straatligkinders, venue to be confirmed, Bloemfontein
2008 06 17 - Zinkplaat, New Holland, Die Helde met Reaanrottweiller, Picasso's, Potchefstroom
2008 06 18 - Zinkplaat, New Holland, Die Helde met Tidal Waves, Tings and Times, Pretoria
2008 06 19 - Studio 1, MK met Die Helde, Zinkplaat en New Holland (TBC)
2008 06 20 - Zinkplaat, New Holland, Die Helde met Die Melktert Kommissie, Back2Basix, Johannesburg, UJFM
2008 06 21 - Zinkplaat, New Holland, Die Helde met Ef-El, Hatfield Square, Pretoria

2007 12 17-22 26-31 - De Plate Kompanje bied aan Die MK Tweede Avontoer

2007 03 19-24 - Beyerskloof Musiek Marathon: Kaleidsoskoop, Slagyster, Lukraaketaar, Gian Groen (Spinnekop), Die Hartvruggies, The Orange Stilletto's, DNA Strings, Jan Blohm, Go Team!, Rastamie, Captain Stu & The Llama's, The Violent Free Piece, Gerald Clark, Southern Gypsey Queen, Boulevard Blues Band, Sondag Sensasie, Foto Na Dans, Die Helde, Bed On Bricks, Hanru Niemand, Koos Kombuis, Dikazzins, Zinkplaat, Rory Eliot, Klein Libertas Teater
Beyerskloof Musiek Marathon

2005 08 13 - Rocktopia Worcester Band Festival: Fokofpolisiekar, Antipathy, Neshamah, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Red October, Mind Assault, LP Show, Tyrone, Impropriety, Black India, Captain Stu And The Llama, The Scare, Armour For Nightmares, Worcester Showgrounds, R40 - Guervo Tequila - Stage

2005 04 08 - The Gif Appel Festival: Slagyster, Trompie Is Dood, Plofmot, Rudimentals, Emo Kid Josh, Kallitz, Misdaad Kinders, Zinkplaat, Hidden Cellar, Stellenbosch, 19:00, R40
2005 04 09 - The Gif Appel Festival: Hog Hoggidy Hog, Half Price, Neshamah, Tonight We Die, Armour For Nightmares, Black India, Doppler Effect, Antipathy, Captain Stu & The Llama's, Impropriety, Lovehunter, Hidden Cellar, Stellenbosch, 14:00, R40 -

2004 07 24 - Bandit Battle of the Bands: Zero Tolerance, Saag My Grasperk, Captain Stu & The Llama's, Anti-Protocol special guests Plofmot, Jan van Riebeeck Hoërskool, CT - -

2004 04 08, 09 - Gif Appel festival: The Rudimentals, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Neshamah, Kallitz, Tonight We Die, Lovehunter, Plofmot, Zinkplaat, Trompie Is Dood, Half Price, Captain Stu, Misdaad Kinders, Black India, Antipathy, Doppler Effect, Emo Kid Josh, Impropriety, Armour For Nightmares, Slagyster, Hidden Cellar, Stellenbosch, 19:00, R40 - blunt -

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