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Gerhard Geldenhuys

Gerhard Geldenhuys - Herfs Kom Live VID >>> (2013/2021)
- VIDEO VAN DIE DAG 2021/01/30

Gerhard Geldenhuys - TowerTapyt VID >>> (2013)

Gerhard Geldenhuys - Skoenlapper VID >>> (2013)

Alles Is OK ............................. afridoci 2001 AFRIMUSIK
1. Swamp
2. Uit En Tuis
3. Gevange
4. In Mamba
5. Dae In Kamera
6. Nagtegaal
7. Herfs Kom
8. Droomuis
9. Onthou
10. Nagtegaal
11. Porquis
12. Van Haaie Tot Arende
13. Inheems
14. Scrambled Dust And Eggroad...........1998-08-27
15. Alles Is OK
16. Requiem In D Maj.
17. (As Die Sterre ...)
- LYN VAN DIE DAG 2021/01/31 - " ... binne in, binne, obscura!!, jy en jou soort, dis waar jy hoort, jy kry my nie by, kry my aan die ander sy van lig ... " - Dae In Kamera

The title of this album refers to the last track listed on this "Best of" compendium of the work of this brilliant guitarist and singer/songwriter. "Alles Is OK" is a perfect example of a perfect song that has never been heard before outside of the recording studio before, and is the reason for this album to have been brought into existence.
Catchy, melodic, and with lovely singing and guitar playing - this is the kind of song that, in an ideal world, should see the top of the charts. And with its Afrikaans lyrics it easily can hold to a claim that it is one of the most lovely recordings ever sung In Afrikaans. Reason why I write this appraisal in English? I am of the opinion that, Increasingly so, that local music is being categorized by quality, and not language anymore. The sentiment expressed in the "OK" song is also that of a soothing of fears and and affirmation that "everything is alright", despite the sadness that prevails in everything.
In my liner notes for the "Sonvanger" various artists project featuring ...more

Brollox & Bittergal
Doolhof ............................................... 1997
1. Perfekte Wêreld
2. Gevange
3. Perspekteef
4. Uit En Tuis
5. In Mamba
6. Inheems
7. Oorlog
8. Gifappeltjieland... (Die Pers Heks Van)
9. Dae In Kamera
10. Die Stoftrein Struktuur

uitgegee in 1997 deur b&b se eie label Jürgen von Wechmar produseer
met gerhard en rikus gee allerhande maniere van afrikaanse musiek storie stom in die ding ingeloop nie ooit eers twee keer aan die naam gedink nie maar in die oë staar 'n hartseer man, gebreek, uitgeput en oorgegee maar in simboliek nie oor gegee nie, Brollox en Bittergal, die gifappeltjies van die eeu oue liewe heksie program wat in my geheue saam met buck rogers, noddy en knersus verenig is. die geld nie ter sprake nie en die kompakskyf bly in my hand totdat die musiek oor xx vloei.
by Wingerdstok 98 het Valiant Swart vir hulle bass gespeel in 'n winderige set. ook op die show was Piet Botha, Akkedis en Koos Kombuis. brollox het goed afgegaan saam met die berge en menigte dronk afrikanermense. hulle speel amper alles vanaf die doolhof album, met hoogtepunte "Uit En Tuis" en "Gevange"
vanaf die eerste liedjie is dit 'n ernstige CD met harde grunge kitaar en drumming gedryf deur ingrypende lirieke wat vinnig realisme laat insak, sodat "Gevange" anders as gewoonlik 'n positiewe betekenis het, en so aan, in en uit bewustelikheid, rasionaliteit. doolhof is een van die mees volledige afrikaanse CDs daar buite. dit dra die boodskap van verwarde angst met dodelike presisie oor en laat dit ook nie daar nie. liedjies soos In Mamba/Inheems gee ook die melancholy aan angst en "tiener" idees. die intense neerskryf van iets wat soos 'n bad trip klink gee gifappeltjieland wat die mees explicit afrikaanse liedjie is naas baskitaar van Koos Kombuis en iets soos Rugsteker van Battery 9 daar is 'n verskuilde song: stoftrein struktuur ... wat die album op die harde grunge manier afsluit soos dit begin is

Stellenbosch singer/songwriters cd, Gerhard's first national exposure under his own name I wrote that (rough translation) "Gerhard is one of those brilliant artists that never gets anywhere because of a lack of commercial success caused by too many changes in musical direction and the small scope that there is for uncompromising attitude regarding material produced".
Where would he have gone with a couple more songs like "Nagtegaal", "Alles Is OK" and "Onthou", or "In Mamba", the track that got a bit of airplay from the Wingerdrock cd?But where would Gerhard the artist have to go to perform these songs if one thinks of the majority of audiences available as slaves to the sounds of the more familiar Mathys Roetse of the world?
This guy performed covers, with only his guitar, better than most in places where nobody else would venture before he gave up. He produced a very experimental heavy rock album ("Doolhoof") as Brollox en Bittergal (with the tracks included on the Wingerdrock collection) but gave that up as usual for paying work in the movie business.
Recently I got him (temporarily) out of semi-retirement (musical) to get him to perform on a supergroup for a plattelandse tour led by Koos Kombuis and Gian from Spinnekop and featuring them and himself and Werner Carstens from Voël and Jakkie Louw and Johan Smit as a "guitar & songslinging" outfit. He came down from JHB without a guitar and out of practice, but by the second evening he was on form. A live recording of this special grouping will soon appear as a promo sampler with the Insig magazine. Check our website for details by August.
Like the sound engineer said after the last gig in Montague "This guy is the most laid back musician I have ever seen". Born and raised in Stellenbosch is possibly the best reason for this: with the ocean only minutes away, and arguably the best breeding place per capita for decent musicians in a small town environment. For some years he floated between the shores and some or other band rehearsal. One day I saw his picture on the front of the newspaper - he had saved a surfer from a shark attack by paddling out to the victim and thumping the animal on the head. His musical sister has been immortalized by the famous Koos Kombuis song "Lisa Se Klavier". Someone should write him an ode too; "Gerhard se kitaar". This man knows no boundaries except his own shyness to push his career up to where it belongs, or perhaps his reluctance is to do with the inability of some of the best of the best to achieve sustainable focus for a talent that is just out of reach of the control of the norm set by the world they operate in.
He says he will move back here "soon as the debts of his musical career" is paid by the camera work, then he wants to do "that surf movie yet" and surf and play the guitar. That's what he should be doing. Then, and only then, will "alles be okay" for him in my mind. In the meantime the few collectors and friends that will pick up the recorded parts of this collection of some of his works can hold onto the sounds that comes from someone that knows that it is good to play the guitar, but that it is also good to do other things, since nothing in the world is exclusively good or bad.
Johann Kotze,, Stellenbosch
The album is available on the "afridoci" label from, a Stellenbosch record company that also issues small runs of quality CD R releases of its artists as documentary evidence of their artists live appearances, early years, demo's that becomes full blown releases and projects such as these.

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2013 07 26 - Gerhard Geldenhuys, Elektries & Akoesties, Dorpstraat Restaurant Teater

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