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Basement Jaxx
Scars ........................... CDJUST 334 2009 JUST MUSIC/XL RECORDINGS
1. Scars
2. Raindrops
3. She's No Good
4. Saga
5. Feelings Gone
6. My Turn
7. A Possibility
8. Twerk
9. Day Of The Sunflowers (We March On)
10. What's A Girl Gotta Do
11. Stay Close
12. Distractionz
13. Gimme Somethin' True

Crazy Itch Radio ....... CDJUST 139 2006 JUST MUSIC/XL RECORDINGS
1. Intro
2. Hush Boy
3. Zoomalude
4. Take Me Back To Your House
5. Hey You
6. On The Train
7. Run 4 Cover
8. Skillalude
9. Smoke Bubbles
10. Lights Go Down
11. Intro Reprise
12. Everybody
13. Keep Keep On

Following last year's Number 1 double-platinum-selling singles collection, Basement Jaxx return with their fourth studio album.
'Crazy Itch Radio' certainly scratches the spot, with Simon Ratcliffe and Felix Buxton swerving from all-out drama on the operatic intro straight into the jet-packed kaleidoscopic pop of 'Hush Boy' which features live collaborator Vula Malinga, last heard on 'Oh My Gosh'.
Rammed up next 'Take Me Back To Your House', is a sexy, energetic moment of what they call 'banjo house'. There's also Balkan folk woven into vocals from Swedish pop sensation Robyn (on 'Hey U'), a hyper grime tune cussing vain boys from East London's Lady Marga, titled 'Run 4 Cover' and 'Lights Go Down', a Will Malone-scored beauty with legendary British singer Linda Lewis.


Almost effortlessly, the duo has managed to destroy every sort of pigeonholing that has ever been applied to them, a met they look set to continue in the future. Old skool but full of new tricks, they bounce at you in great, surging, delicious chunks.

The Singles ............... CDJUST 050 2005 JUST MUSIC/XL RECORDINGS
1. Red Alert
2. Good Luck
3. Romeo
4. Oh My Gosh
5. Bingo Bango
6. Wheres Your Head At
7. Rendez-Vu
8. Jump 'n Shout
9. Lucky Star
10. Plug It In
11. U Don't Know Me
12. Do Your Thing
13. Just 1 Kiss
14. Flylife
15. Samba Magic

In 1998 a relatively successful house production duo based in Brixton signed to XL records and, in a little over six have gone from respected London DJ knob-twiddlers to globe-trotting live act, injecting a little sex and multi-cultural sashay into big rock festivals, forging the hitherto unexplored link between Latin-disco exotica, cutting edge verbals, and full on boys own rawk power. In that time there have been 3 top UK albums Remedy (1998), Rooty (2001) and Kish Kash (2003), collaborations with vocalists as disparate as Dizzee Rascal and Siouxsie Sioux, and the run of raucous, infectious, kaleidoscopic singles that make up this collection.

Good Luck .................... XLS 178CD 2004 XL RECORDINGS

Kish Kash - Tour Edition 2CD . CDJUST 018 2003 JUST MUSIC/XL RECORDINGS
Disk 1:
1. Good Luck
2. Right Here's The Spot
3. Benjilude
4. Lucky Star
5. Petrilude
6. Supersonic
7. Plug It In
8. Cosmolude
9. If I Ever Recover
10. Cish Cash
11. Tonight
12. Hot 'n Cold
13. Living Room
14. Feels Like Home
Disk 2:
1. Good Luck
2. Plug It In
3. Right Here's The Spot
4. Lucky Star
5. Good Luck
6. Lucky Star

House music's steady decline, forecast by the proliferation of stripped down garage blues and overproduced, stylized pseudo punk, came to a fabulous grinding halt with the release of Kish Kash. Mercury prizewinners, Goth legends, boy band crooners; they're all part of the pumped up cacophony, hyper-funk and riotous energy of the electronic album of the year.

Remedy ..................... CDJUST 024 1999 JUST MUSIC/XL RECORDINGS
1. Rendez-Vu
2. Yo-Yo
3. Jump 'n Shout
4. U Can't Stop Me
5. Jaxxalude
6. Red Alert
7. Jazzalude
8. Always Be There
9. Sneakalude
10. Same Old Show
11. Bingo Bango
12. Gemildue
13. Stop 4 Love
14. Don't Give Up
15. Being With U

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