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Ashton Nyte .com (The Awakening; The Accused)

2020 09 05 - Ashton Nyte - Facebook Lives Acoustic Concert ,,

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Dressing Like You .... CDJUST 731 2015 JUST MUSIC
1. Dressing Like You
2. Symmetry
3. See Me Cry
4. A Halo In The Dirt
5. Sanity
6. Losing Sleep
7. Another Life
8. Every Shade Of Blue
9. Now That You're Loved
10. Speak

Moederland .......................... INT031 2014 INTERVENTION MUSIC
1. Geheime En Momente
2. Jou Horison
3. Die Laaste Dans
4. Lukas met Karin Hougaard
5. Kan Ons Weer Begin
6. Herhaal
7. Alles Vir Jou
8. Nuwe Drome
9. As Die Son Opkom
10. Die Vloer
11. Mariaan
12. Moederland

Following a rather prolific and stylistically diverse career, which has included 8 albums with his band The Awakening and 5 critically acclaimed solo albums, Ashton is ready for a new artistic chapter. March 2014 will see the release of "Moederland", Ashton's first album in the Afrikaans language.
Since 1997 Ashton has been featured in almost every music related publication, television program and radio show in South Africa. He has headlined festivals both in South Africa and the USA, topped charts onvetseun college and national radio, written and performed in theatrical productions and even found time for philanthropic events like his Rock Against Rape concert series.
Ashton has just spent the last 5 years in the USA, where his most recent album, The Valley was toured from New York to New Orleans and was played on over 40 radio stations. Highlights include a feature on the prestigious Public Radio International's The World and a live in studio interview and performance on Voice Of America to over 125 million listeners world wide.
Ashton refers to "Moederland" as an album that pays homage to my Afrikaans heritage and the country that has shaped me." All twelve original tracks are composed in Afrikaans. The first single, Lukas (a duet with Karin Hougaard) is already doing well on radio. The test single, Kan Ons Weer Begin charted around the country and even cracked number 1 on East Rand Stereo and Radio Helderberg. Ashton is currently in South Africa to promote the album and has already appeared on stage with Steve Hofmeyr, Karin Hougaard and Adam Tas. -

Ashton Nyte met Karin Hougaard - Lukas VID >>> (2014)

Ashton Nyte met Karin Hougaard - Lukas (Akoesties) VID >>> (2014)

Ashton Nyte met Karin Hougaard
Lukas CDS ........................................... 2014
- Lukas van die komende album "Moederland" deur Ashton Nyte

Ashton Nyte - Fading (New Mix) VID

Sinister Swing (Remastered Edition) . 2013
1. Revival
2. Passing Phase
3. Little Everything
4. White White Noise
5. Fingertips (New Mix)
6. Distance (New Mix)
7. Trivial Things
8. The Cutting Room (New Mix)
9. Real
10. Borrow the Hatchet
11. Rogue (New Mix)
12. Fading (New Mix)

Ashton Nyte - Alles Vir Jou VID >>>

Moederland ..................... CTS 5063 2012 CAPE TOWN SOUND

The Valley ........................................... 2010 INTERVENTION MUSIC
1. The Valley
2. Jennifer
3. Dead Man's Road
4. Without Warning
5. A Little Low
6. Medicine
7. Salvation
8. Pale Horse
9. The Carnival
10. Uncertain Light

The Valley .................... CTS 5018 2007/2010 CAPE TOWN SOUND
1. The Valley
2. Jennifer
3. Dead Man's Road
4. Without Warning
5. A Little Low
6. Medicine
7. Salvation
8. Pale Horse
9. The Carnival
10. Uncertain Light

met The Accused
Headspace ......................... INT 025 2006 INTERVENTION MUSIC

Sinister Swing ...................... INT023 2003 INTERVENTION MUSIC

The Slender Nudes ............ INT007 2000 INTERVENTION MUSIC
1. Glam Vamp Baby
2. Selling Skin
3. Obscene
4. Need For Air
5. Too Young
6. Hunting
7. Fashion Forgot
8. Noisecolour
9. Electric Man
10. Lilly's World
11. Girlie

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2020 07 11 - Ashton Nyte, Facebook Live Concert

2004 08 06-09 - OPPIKOPP10: 16Stitch, 340ml, Ashton Nyte, Band O Gypsys, Battery 9, Bed On Bricks, Brixton Moord En Roof Orkes, Boo!, Buckfever Underground, Dan Patlansky en die Mississippi Muthers, David Foster, Delta Blue, Fake Leather Blues Band, Fokofpolisiekar, Freshlyground, Gert Vlok Nel, Gordon's Suitcase, Greg Georgiades en Hasjis Joshi, Jack Hammer, Jo Day, Karen Zoid, Karma, Kobus!, Koos Kombuis, Laurinda Hofmeyr, Liela Groenewald, Loose Cannon, Mesadoth, MXO, Nine, Piet Planter, Prime Circle, Riku Lätti, SHU, Springbok Nude Girls, Soil 7T7, Squeal, Sugardrive, The Narrow, Tidal Waves, Tumi & The Volume, Corné & Twakkie van "The Most Amazing Show", Tyburn, Valiant Swart, Van der Want / Letcher, Wickhead, Wonderboom, Northam, PTA -

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