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Albie Louw
South Africa's Keyboard King ......... 2015
1. Marianne
2. True Love
3. Round And Round
4. Friendly Persuasion
5. You Are My First Love
6. Butterfly / Singing The Blues
7. Banana Boat Song / Love Is A Gambling Game
8. Who Made You So Wonderful
9. A Woman In Love
10. Signature Tune / Amore
11. Hasta Luego / More
12. Portofino
13. Just A Gigolo / Just Walking In The Rain
14. Anastasia
15. Lovin' In The Springtime
16. S Wonderful

Op Versoek 2 ...................................... CDR

Op Versoek .......................................... CDR

Melodies To Remember ...... CDR375 CDR/BOWLINE
1. Where Do I Begin?
2. On The Sunny Side Of The Street
3. The Way We Were
4. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
5. Yesterday
6. They Can't Take That Away From Me
7. Memory; Hello Young Lovers; We Kiss In The Shadows; I Have Dreamed
8. Ain't Misbehavin'; Satin Doll
9. Laura
10. I Wish You Love
11. Manhattan
12. Blue Star
13. If Ever I Would Leave You
14. South Pacific Selection
15. I Knew Him So Well
16. Body And Soul
17. Oujaarsdrome
18. Count Of Luxembourg Waltz
19. The Nearness Of You
20. When You Come To The End Of A Perfect Day

Albie Louw at Tyger Valley Centre ....... CDR
1. Andrew Lloyd Webber Selection
2. In Die Skadu Van Ou Tafelberg
3. Alleen
4. Wartime Selection
5. Nat King Cole Medley
6. The Merry Widow Waltz
7. The Shadow Of Your Smile
8. The Sound Of Music Selection
9. Serenade In "F"
10. Alley Cat
11. Medley
12. Die Lied Van Stilte
13. George Gershwin Selection
14. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
15. Days Of Wine And Roses
16. My Blue Heaven

Kwela! - "In Tune" with South Africa - Volume 9 LP . JDLP 10008 HIS MASTER'S VOICE
Kant Een:
1. Tiek-Tok Polka; Melkbaai; Mossie Se Moses
2. Voom-Ba-Voom; Africa
3. Warmpatat; Hy-Ba-Ba-Rie-Bab
4. Riksja Booi; Dumela; Ek Kry Die Piep
5. Meerkat Samba; Kappit Yt; Kalkoentjie
Kant Twee:
1. Neem My Saam; Nou Toe Nou, Hoe Gaan Dit Daar In Die Kaapland
2. Kwela-Kwela; Sousboontjies; 'n Vlooi Is 'n Ding Wat Byt
3. Singapore
4. Mieliepap; Blouwildebees
5. Windlawaai; Snoepsie; Daar's 'n Wind Wat Waai

"Wonderful One" - In Tune With South Africa - Volume 9 LP . JCLP 10008 HIS MASTER'S VOICE
Side One:
1. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
2. I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore
3. Wonderful One
4. Cocktails For Two Cha-Cha
5a. Danny Boy
b. Galway Bay
6. As Time Goes By
7. Brazil
Side Two:
1a. Five Minutes More
..b. Bye Bye Blues
2. My Melacholy Baby
3. I'll Follow My Secret Heart
4. Maria Elena Cha-Cha
5. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
6. I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire
7a. Piano Roll Blues
..b. Harry Lime Theme

Dance With Albie - "In Tune" with South Africa - Volume 8 LP . JCLP 10007 HIS MASTER'S VOICE
Side 1:
1. Tell Him No (Pritchett)
2. Buona Sera (Carl Sigman-P. de Rose)
3. Warn (Jacobson-Kromdes)
4. Treasure Of Your Love (Barry de Vorzon)
5. Say One For Me (Van Heusen-Cahn)
6. Non Dimenticar (Redi-Galdieri-Dobbins)
7. Personality (Logan-Price)
Side 2:
1. Moon Talk (Hoffman-Manning)
2. On An Evening In Roma (S. Taccani-Nanette Frederics)
3. There Goes My Heart (A. Silver-B. Davis)
4. Chicken Piri-Piri (Carlos Fernando-Anton de Waal)
5. My Happiness (Peterson-Bergantine)
6. Venus (E. Marshall)
7. Only You (Buck Ram-Ande Rande)

Showtunes - "In Tune" with South Africa - Volume 7 LP . JCLP 10004 HIS MASTER'S VOICE
Side One:
1. Thank Heaven For Little Girls ("Gigi")
2. They Say It's Wonderful ("Annie Get Your Gun")
3. I Could Have Danced All Night ("My Fair Lady")
4. The Girl That I Marry ("Annie Get Your Gun")
5.a. All Of You ("Silk Stockings")
5.b. Almost Like Being In Love ("Brigadoon")
6. Hello Young Lovers ("The King And I")
7. Bewitched ("Pal Joey")
8. C'est Magnifique ("Can-Can")
Side Two:
1. I Love Paris ("Can-Can")
2. Dancing In The Dark ("Band Wagon")
3. Around The World ("from the film")
4.a. June Is Bustin' Out All Over ("Crousel")
4.b. The Surrey With The Fringe On Top ("Oklahoma!")
5. Some Enchanted Evening ("South Pacific")
6. Sometimes I'm Happy ("Hit The Deck")
7. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing ("from the film")
8. People Will Say We're In Love ("Oklahoma!")

Popular Dancetime - "In Tune" with South Africa - Volume 6 LP . JCLP 10003 HIS MASTER'S VOICE
Side 1:
1. Every Beat Of My Heart (M. Upp)
2. A Very Precious Love (Webster-Fain)
3. Mando (Chaplin-Parsons-Turner)
4. Line Serenade (Conrad-Clare)
5. Ma (He's Making Eyes At Me)
6. An Affair To Remember (Our Love Affair) (Warren-Adamson-McCarey)
7. Tulips From Amsterdam (Arnie-Neumann-Bader)
8. Come Closer To Me (Farres-Stewart)
9. Swingin' Shepherd Blues (Roberts-Jacobson-Kafman)
Side 2:
1. Patricia (Prado)
2. Chanson D'Amour (Wayne Shanklin)
3. Volare (Migliacci-Modugno-Parish)
4. Mr. Fire Eyes (Miller-Guitar)
5. Return To Me (Lombardo-Di Minno)
6. April Love (Webster-Fain)
7. Melodie D'Amour (Salvador-Jahns-Glando)
8. Twilight Time (Ram-Nevins-Dunn-Nevins)

In a country like South Africa, with it's small White population, specialization in the Arts is virtually impracticable. Many a musician can be found clerking behind a counter or selling insurance policies by day, in order to augment the small income generally derived from professional playing.
Such is not the case with Albie Louw. His diverse interests spring from the innate ability of a versatile artist, and those who have heard him singing Opera, conducting an Orchestra, acting in a play or playing piano or piano-accordion, would find it hard to believe that he has not specialized particularly in any of these activities. Albie Louw's piano playing needs hardly any introduction to the South African public. He has established himself as one of the country's finest, through the medium of Radio, live entertainment appearances and numerous long playing record albums.
If any question as to the position occupied by Albie as a pianist should arise, this, his latest selection, must put Albie Louw in the nation's top bracket of interpreters of popular music. His piano playing is tasty and swinging, or full and sensitive, as each tune demands, and while one detects a trace of Cavallaro influence on the technique side, this does in no way detract from Albie's individuality.
From the first chunky, rhythmic rendition of "PATRICIA" to the last sweetly swinging arpeggios of 'SWINGIN' SHEPHERD BLUES this album reflects Albie's good taste and flair for musical presentation. Whether you like 'em rockin' - like his high-octane 'MA" - Latin -"RETURN TO ME" - or sweetly sentimental like 'TWILIGHT TIME" - here's a feast of good entertainment.
A word of praise too for the excellent rhythm accompaniment supplied by REGARDO BORNMAN, Jnr., Guitarist, TEDDY BOWLES, Drums and BERRY TAYLOR, Bass.
These tunes have been carefully selected with an ear to lasting popular appeal, and whether you're going to need music for a lively dance session at home, or for your own listening pleasure - this is it. I can sincerely recommend this album to all who endeavour to maintain a high standard of record collection. - MERVYN JOHN

In 'n land soos Suid-Afrika, met sy klein wit bevolking, is spesialisasie in die Kuns hoogs onprakties. Veral in die musiekwêreld word 'n uitstekende musikant dikwels bedags as klerk agter 'n toonbank aangetref of hy verkoop assuransiepolisse om sy klein inkomste uit die musiek aan te vul.
Maar dit is nie die geval met Albie Louw nie. Sy verskeidenheid belangstellings spruit uit die aangebore bekwaamheid van die veelsydige kunstenaar en as u hom gehoor het as operasanger, as dirigent van 'n orkes, as toneelkunstenaar op die verhoog of as virtuoos voor die klavier of op die trekklavier, is dit moeilik om te glo dat hy nie in een van hierdie bedrywighede spesialiseer nie. Hy doen sommer almal!
Albie Louw se klavierspel verg beswaarlik enige voorstelling by die Suid-Afrikaanse publiek. Hy is alreeds gevestig as een van ons beste pianiste by wyse van die radio, persoonlike optredes en talle lankspeelplate.
As Albie se posisie as pianis nog enigsins betwyfel word, sal hierdie opname, sy jongste, hom voer na die toppunt van ons land se vertolkers van populêre musiek. Sy klavierstyl is smaakvol en sprankelend of toonryk en sensitief soos wat die betrokke wysies dit vereis en terwyl daar spore is van die Cavallaro-invloed in sy tegniek, doen dit geen af breuk aan Albie se indiwidualiteit nie.
Vanaf die treffende, ritmiese vertolking van ,,PATRICIA" tot by die soete, sprankelende arpeggio's van ,,SWINGIN' SHEPHERD BLUES, reflekteer hierdie album Albie se verfynde smaak en aanslag vir musikale aanbieding. Of u nou van lewendige musiek hou - soos sy hoogbelaaide ,,MA" - van die Latynse kleur soos in ,,RETURN TO ME" of dan wel soet en romanties soos in ,,TWILIGHT TIME, hier is 'n fees van uitstekende vermaaklikheid.
Lof word ook verdien deur die treffende ritme-agfergrond wat verskaf word deur REGARDO BORNMAN, jnr., kitaar, TEDDY BOWLES, dromme en BERRY TAYLOR, bas.
Die wysies op hierdie opname is versigtig gekies met die oog op blywende gewildheid en of u nou ookal musiek verlang vir 'n lewendige dansie tuis of dan wel vir suiwer luistergenot - hier is dit. Ek kan hierdie opname hartlik aanbeveel by almal wat daarop uit is om 'n hoe standaard in hulle diskoteek te handhaaf. - omslag

Popular Dancetime - "In Tune" with South Africa - Volume 6 EP . 7EGJ 10005 HIS MASTER'S VOICE
Side 1:
1. Patricia
2. Chanson D'Amour
Side 2:
1. Mr. Fire Eyes
2. A Very Precious Love

Popular Dancetime - "In Tune" with South Africa - Volume 6 EP . 7EGJ 10004 HIS MASTER'S VOICE
Side 1:
1. Every Beat Of My Heart
2. Ma (He's Making Eyes At Me)
Side 2:
1. Swinging Sheperd Blues
2. Twilight Time

Popular Dancetime - "In Tune" with South Africa - Volume 6 EP . 7EGJ 10003 HIS MASTER'S VOICE
Side 1:
1. Melodie D'Amour
2. Volare
Side 2:
1. Return To Me
2. An Affair To Remember

"In Tune" with South Africa LP . JDLP 10003 HIS MASTER'S VOICE
- Cape Town's keyboard king plays South Africa's pick of the world's melody market -
Side 1:
1. Signature
2. When The Lilacs Bloom Again
3. Theme From "The Three Penny Opera"
4. Innamorata
5. Sadie's Shawl
6. Five Hundred Guys
7. Our Melody
8. Arrivederci Roma
9. Que Sera
10. Sera
Side 2:
1. Dungarree Doll
2. The Lady With The Big Umbrella
3. No One But You
4. Memories Are Made Of This
5. The Best Things In Life Are Free
6. Poor John
7. Love Theme From "La Strada"
8. Watching The World Go By
9. Flowers Mean Forgiveness
10. The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise

Down Memory Lane - "In Tune" with South Africa - Volume 3 LP . JCLP 10002 HIS MASTER'S VOICE
Side 1:
1. Yes, We Have No Bananas
2. You Are My Lucky Star
3. Cheek To Cheek
4. Beyond The Blue Horizon
5. Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree
6. Little White Lies
7. Dark Town Strutters' Ball
8. Charmaine
9. Ramona
10. Diane
11. Yes Sir, That's My Baby
12. Dinah
13. My Blue Heaven
14. Goodnight Vienna
15. Auf Wiedersehn, My Dear
16. Moonlight And Roses
17. My Song Goes Round The World
18. All The Things You Are
Side 2:
1. Boo, Hoo
2. Just An Echo In The Valley
3. Lullaby Of Broadway
4. Come To The Ball
5. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
6. One Day When We Were Young
7. Cuckoo Waltz
8. Oh You Beautiful Doll
9. Ain't Misbehavin'
10. It Had To Be You
11. Have You Ever Been Lonely
12. If You Were The Only Girl In The World
13. Beside The Sea Side
14. Deep In My Heart
15. Fascination
16. Play Fiddle Play
17. School Day
18. Let Me Call You Sweetheart
19. Waltzing In A Dream
20. After The Ball

"In Tune" with South Africa - Volume 2 LP . JCLP 10001 HIS MASTER'S VOICE
Side One:
1. Signature Tune (A. Louw)
2. Amore (Spina-Gaze)
3. Marianne (Gilkyson-Miller-Dehr)
4. True Love (Cole Porter)
5. Just A Gigolo (Casucci-Brammer-Caesar)
6. Just Walking In The Rain (Bragg-Riley)
7. Round And Round (Stallman-Shapiro)
8. A Woman In Love (Loesser)
9. Portfolio (Lou Busch)
10. Who Made You So Wonderful (N. Carstens-L. Combrinck-A. de Waal)
Side Two:
1. Butterfly (A. September)
2. Singing The Blues (Endsley)
3. Friendly Persuasion (D. Tiomkin-P. Webster)
4. Hasta Luego (Hicks)
5. More (Glazer-Alstone)
6. The Banana Boat Song (Arkin-Carey-Darling)
7. Love Is A Gambling Game (A. Louw-L. Combrinck)
8. You Are My First Love (Roberts-Powell)
9. Anastasia (Newman)
10. Lovin' In Springtime (N. Carstens-A. de Waal)
11. S'Wonderful (G. and I. Gershwin)

Albie Louw's brilliant piano playing on his previous long play recording "ln Tune" with South Africa, Volume I (H.M.V. JDLP 10003) was immediately acclaimed by thc public, and enthusiastically received by all lovers of popular music. ''In Tune" with South Africa proved to be so successful that it has become a sheer necessity to present a further selection of popular tunes of today as interpreted by the nimble fingers of Albie Louw. lt is therefore a real pleasure to present herewith "In Tune" with South Africa, Volume 2.
In making this new selection, Albie has again chosen tunes of the moment which have become international favourites. Included are bright, sparkling tunes like Just Walking In The Rain, Singing The Blues, Butterfly, nostalgic melodies like Hasta Luego, More, A Woman In Love, and production numbers from successful films like High Society, Anastasia and S'Wonderful. Albie has not neglected to include works by our own popular composers in order to preserve the truly international flavour of the music he has selected. Our own songs are rapidly becoming known throughout the world, as for instance Zambesi which achieved popularity, not only in America and England, but also in countries like Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Egypt, Australia, Germany etc. Nico Carstens and Anton de Waal are represented by Lovin' In Springtime (Lus Om Te Lewe), and they also collaborated with a new and very talented young South African, Louis Combrinck to produce Who Made You So Wonderful. Albie Louw is himself a very successful song-writer, and on this recording he has joined forces with Louis Combrinck to compose the attractive song Love Is A Gambling Game.
Since recording Klawerkaperjolle (H.M.V. JDLP 10002) and the first volume of "[n Tune" with South Africa, Albie Louw has been on a most successful visit to England. He was a member of Dr. Erik Chisholm's operatic company who were invited to tour Britain and present modern operas and the works of South African composers. Albie played the role of Mr. Koffner in The Consul by Menotti, and also gave recitals of songs by Dr. Chisholm and "Dichterliebe" by Schumann. The English critics said: "Schuman's 'Dichterliebe' had a most interesting and enjoyable performance py Albie Louw. His command of colour and of gradations, his impeccable enunciation and his extremely sensitive musicianship made this performance something out ofthe ordinary". This critique can be applied with equal justification to his piano playing on all his recordings.
During the Mozart Festival in Cape Town, Albie distinguished himself in the opera Don Giovanni, and elicited the following enthusiastic press review: "Versatile Albie Louw as the comic bass, Leporello, scored a triumph throughout the evening, particularly in his Madaniva Aria, and by his fooling generally. Some of the best acting came from Albie Louw."
Albie is certainly one of the most gifted and talented young men in South Africa today. He is equally proficient and at home whether singing in opera, acting in a stage play, playing the piano or the accordion, interpreting classical or popular music, conducting an orchestra, or composing.
As a person, Albie Louw has an enormous zest for living and inexhaustible vitality, a ready smile, fine sense of humour, entertaining and refreshing in company, and these commendable qualities are all happily reliected in his brilliant piano playing. His sensitive and accurate ear for music has made him a perfectionist, and this is brilliantly illustrated by his flawless, tasteful and scintillating musicianship on this, the first 12 inch long play record to be produced in South Africa by one of our most talented artists and musicians. - omslag

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