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340ml (ThreeFourtyMillion)
Sorry For The Delay ............. SLCD 3402
1. Regents Park
2. The Other Side
3. Fairy Tales
4. Make It Happen met Thandiswa Mazwai (Bongo Maffin)
5. Moodswings
6. The Untitled Song
7. Kubrick
8. Saint-Leu met Levi Pon The Mic
9. Lesson One
10. Australopithecus
11. Sorry For The Delay met Drean (Zong)
12. Radio 75
13. Untitled

is Pedro da Silva Pinto, Paulo Chibanga, Rui Soeiro, Tiago Paulo

Moving ............................ SLCD 3401 2008
1. Shotgun
2. Hang On To Yourself (Rachel)
3. Midnight
4. What Happens In Between
5. Early Morning
6. Shotgun Backleft
7. Supermodel
8. Nancy's Nightmare
9. 21h40
10. 21h44
11. Good Things Happen To Those Who Wait
12. I Started Something I Can't Afford
13. Michelle (Stage Management)
14. Movimento
15. And Who Was Kamikaze?
16. Moneypenny's Dream
17. El Vinco Xiconhocavetseun

"Moving" is back!!!
Out of print for some time, and still in big demand, for smash hit "Midnight" and on the back of demand for the group itself with radically increased profile regarding abundant recent noise alongside
their more recent release "Sorry for the Delay", as well as 340ml's hardened and die hard cult fans…
340ml is a well-known and very active band with a cult following. They feature some of the best dub-styled tunes to have come out of South Africa/ Mozambique ever.

skakels :

2009 07 25 - Alter Route Soweto: Fashion, Music, Art & Food Expo: Dub Rui from the 340ml fame, The Layders, Wireless G, Meet The Veggies, PlayKayStat, Wysdiman, Est 1912, 1912 Gumede Straat, Rockville, Soweto, Johannebsurg, 10:00, R50

2007 04 06-08 - Oppikoppi Easter Festival - More Than Somewhat: Hothouse Flowers, 340ml, Selaelo Selota, Chris Letcher, Lovejones, Tidal Waves, UJU, Bloodmoney, Fuzigish, Kidofdoom, Harris Tweed, The Beams, K.O.B.U.S!, Swartskaap, The Kick, Parlotones, Wickhead, Ménage á Trois, The Bang, Albert Frost Trio, Evolver, The Hellphones, No Quarter (A.K.A Johnathan Martin Band), SHU, New Academics and somewhat more..., R299 - Windhoek Draught - White Horse Sessions - Old Mutual
2007 04 06 - Karmanite : The Black Hotels : Janice & the Halfjacks : The Bang : Ménage à Trois : Selaelo Selota : Chris Letcher : Hothouse Flowers : Albert Frost Trio : The Hellphones
2007 04 07 - Namuh : One Sock Thief : Die Straatligkinders : The Kick : Bloodmoney : The Beams : Kidofdoom : Harris Tweed : New Academics : Evolver : Love Jones : Tidal Waves : SHU
2007 04 08 - Swartskaap : Piet Planter & Jazz Band : Josie Field : Lukraaketaar : Clark & Van der Hoven : UJU : No Quarter : Wickhead : The Parlotones : 340ml : Fuzigish : K.O.B.U.S!

2010 08 29 - Park Acoustics: 340ml, Slauthering Daisies, The Pretty Blue Guns, Wrestlerish, Pretoria National Botanical Garden, 13:00, R60 - Vesco - Hot Box

2004 08 06-09 - OPPIKOPP10: 16Stitch, 340ml, Ashton Nyte, Band O Gypsys, Battery 9, Bed On Bricks, Brixton Moord En Roof Orkes, Boo!, Buckfever Underground, Dan Patlansky en die Mississippi Muthers, David Foster, Delta Blue, Fake Leather Blues Band, Fokofpolisiekar, Freshlyground, Gert Vlok Nel, Gordon's Suitcase, Greg Georgiades en Hasjis Joshi, Jack Hammer, Jo Day, Karen Zoid, Karma, Kobus!, Koos Kombuis, Laurinda Hofmeyr, Liela Groenewald, Loose Cannon, Mesadoth, MXO, Nine, Piet Planter, Prime Circle, Riku Lätti, SHU, Springbok Nude Girls, Soil 7T7, Squeal, Sugardrive, The Narrow, Tidal Waves, Tumi & The Volume, Corné & Twakkie van "The Most Amazing Show", Tyburn, Valiant Swart, Van der Want / Letcher, Wickhead, Wonderboom, Northam, PTA -

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