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Eden .com
Dekade ........................ CDJUKE 16 2009 JUKEBOX
1. Dans Vir My vetseun
2. So Klink 'n Hart
3. Lig In My Lewe
4. Net Een Oomblik
5. Is Jy Bang?
6. 54 5de Straat
7. Knieë Lam
8. Vra My
9. Aan Jou Vas
10. Lyf Teen Lyf
11. Terugdraai
12. Blessed
13. Lay Down Beside Me
14. How Do You Leave?
15. Point Of No Return
16. Head Over Heels
17. Because It's Love
18. What Hurts The Most
19. I Am The One And Only
20. Amazed
21. I Got You

Knieë Lam ................... CDJUKE 11 2008 JUKEBOX
1. Vra My
2. Knieë Lam
3. Lyf Teen Lyf
4. Aai Ja Jaai
5. Kwart Oor Vyf
6. Honky Tonk
7. Bly In My Hart
8. Hurt So Good
9. I Don't Know Much
10. What Hurts The Most
11. Maak Jou Myne
12. Into Me
13. Head Over Heels met Lianie May
14. Because It's Love

Eden is back with an album that is better than ever.
2007 has proved to be a very successful year after walking away with several awards (SAMA awards, VONK MUSIEK award, TEMPO Huisgenoot award) and double platinum status with their previous self titled album. With sellout shows all across the country, these guys can hardly keep up with the demand.
Therefore with great anticipation this wonderful album is finally released, and the product certainly speaks for itself.
This album consists of a variety of power pop and soft balads in both English and Afrikaans.

Eden .............................. CDJUKE 06 2006 JUKEBOX
1. 54 5de Straat
2. Aan Jou Vas
3. Terugdraai
4. Nogsteeds By Jou
5. Is Jy Bang?
6. Myne Vir Vanaand
7. As Ek Voor Jou Breek
8. How Do You Leave?
9. Running Away
10. Bright New Day
11. I Am The One And Only
12. Without Your Love
13. Little Bit Of Love
14. Always
15. Aan Jou Vas (Remix)

LIVE at The Mardi Gras DVD . DVDJUKE 05 2008 JUKEBOX
1. Bright New Day
2. Baby, Baby
3. Catch Me
4. I Won't Let You Go
5. Promise Me
6. When Your Angels Fall
7. You Are The One
8. Dink Jy Darem Nog Aan My?
9. Always
10. Love Will Keep Us Alive
11. Ek Hou Van Jou
12. It's All Because Of You
13. Point Of No Return
14. Play Me Right
15. Little Bit Of Love
16. I Got You
17. Amazed

1. Point Of No Return (2004 SAMA Nominasie)
2. I Got You
3. I Won't Let You Go
4. You Are The One
5. Play Me Right
6. Promise Me
7. Catch Me
8. When Your Angels Fall
9. Baby, Baby
10. It's All Because Of You
11. Cry On More
12. Amazed (Bonus)

In ................................. VVOLCD 0002 1997 VOLSTRUIS PLATE
1. Hier By My
2. Dink Jy Darem Nog Aan My?
3. Hemel Toe
4. Ek Hou Van Jou
5. If
6. I Want To Go There
7. Hello Girl
8. Diamante En Goud
9. Here We Are
10. Hemel Toe (pop planet mix)
11. Hier By My (soft mix)
12. I Want To Go There (housemix)
13. Hemel Toe (sonic diva's euro mix)

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flyers :
2005 03 03, Kraaifontein Stadsaal Eden - Point Of No Return flyer bk
2002 11 22, Stadsaal, PTA Bliksemware Opskop Karen Zoid, Anton Goosen, Koos Kombuis, Eden, Battery 9, Spinnekop + meer

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