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Amor Vittone
Grootste Treffers ......... SELBCD922 2011 SELECT
1. Voluit Lewe
2. Lag
3. Glo Al Aan More
4. Elke Dag Elke Nag
5. Het Jy Dalk Die Sleutel
6. Kylie Minogue Medley: Locomotion; I Should Be So Lucky; Cant Get You Out Of My Head; On A Night Like Th
7. Dit Moet Meer As Liefde Wees
8. Hierdie Nag
9. Wat Van 'n Vakansie Net Vir Al Ons Girls
10. Boem Boem Boem
11. Kom Val Hier Binne My
12. Die Goeie
13. Kom Huis Toe - Hier Na My Toe
14. Vlieg Nou Weg, My Mooie Skoenlapper
15. Jy's So Sexy
16. Herinner My
17. Ek Verlang Na Jou
18. Ek Wil Net Dankie Se
19. Die Gevoel Dat Ek By Jou Moet Wees
20. Alles Wat Jy Doen
21. Vriende Soos Jy

Glo Altyd Aan Môre ... SELBCD798 2009 SELECT
1. Glo Altyd Aan Môre
2. Lag
3. Wat Van 'n Vakansie Net Vir Al Ons Girls?
4. Het Jy Dalk Die Sleutel?
5. Alles Wat Jy Doen
6. Die Wêreld Wag
7. Ek Wil Net Dankie Sê
8. Kylie Minogue Medley
9. Kom Val Hier Binne My
10. Herinner My
11. Ja Dry My
12. Kom Huis Toe, Hier Na My
13. Van Die Oomblik Wat Ons Glo
14. Vlieg Nou Weg, My Mooie Skoenlapper
15. Die Goeie Tyd
16. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
17. Doedoe Baba
18. Vlieg Nou Weg, My Mooie Skoenlapper

This Was Then : Amor Greatest Hits . CDEMIM 336 2009 EMI
1. Young Forever
2. Dance In Colours
3. Jy's 'n Ster Vir My
4. And I Cross My Heart
5. Universe Of Love
6. Take My Breath Away
7. I'll Be There For You
8. Mia Chico
9. Ek Is Sonder Jou
10. The Winner Takes It All
11. Wild Cherry Kisses
12. What A Feeling
13. Kyk Diep In My Oë Vanaand
14. Live & Breathe
15. I Can't Give You Anything
16. Don't Cry
17. Surrender
18. Safe In My Arms
19. My Kind Of Guy met Jarrod Aston
20. Dance All Summer

EMI launched Amor's career in 2 November 1998 with the release of her first album entitled Wild Cherry Kisses. EMI later went on to release two further albums entitled Dance In Colours and Young Forever.
Amor enjoyed a very successful career at EMI with total album sales of over 40k units. This Was Then - Amor's Greatest Hits is long overdue and includes all her hit songs during her early career years. Who will ever forget Dance In Colours, Mia Chico, Wild Cherry Kisses, My Kind of Guy, Jy's 'n Ster Vir My, Ek Is Sonder Jou and The Winner Takes It All, etc, the songs are a trip down memory lane. The album is a must have for all Amor's fans and the tracks are sequenced in such a way as to make it a really great danceable party album.
During her recording career at EMI, Amor's profile grew tremendously and her successful music career resulted in her being appointed as one of the presenters of the Lottery live television programme, which enjoyed an enormous viewership. She became a household name performing concerts all over the country. At the time of the release of her last album, Young Forever, at the Centurion Lake, Amor drew a crowd of 5k people to watch her perform songs from the new album. She was also a great favourite with the media enjoying many magazine covers and great publicity which all contributed enormously to Amor's highly successful career. This is a truly memorable album which will be a welcome addition to the music collection of all her many fans around the country.

Voluit ............................ SELBCD624 2006 SELECT
1. Voluit Lewe
2. Elke Dag Elke Nag
3. Hierdie Nag
4. Jy's So Sexy
5. Angel
6. Dit Moet Meer As Liefde Wees
7. Vat My Vas
8. Boem Boem Boem
9. Kom Sê My
10. Vriende Soos Jy
11. Net Soos Ek Is
12. Show Me Heaven
13. Die Gevoel Dat Ek By Jou Moet Wees
14. Ek Verlang Na Jou
15. I Will Love Again

Amor - Elke Dag Elke Nag vetseun

Surrender .............................................2005
1. Jammer
2. Surrender
3. Doing It
4. All I'm Living For
5. Hou My Vas
6. Universe Of Love
7. 11 Out Of 10
8. Patience
9. Jy Is
10. Wild World Of Mine
11. At Your Side
12. It's Only Love
13. It Only Hurts At Night

Amor ........................... CDRPM 1880 2004 RPM
1. Jammer
2. Surrender
3. Doing It
4. Jy Is
5. All I'm Living For
6. It's Only Love
7. Hou My Vas
8. Patience
9. Universe Of Love
10. Only Hurts At Night
11. Ti Amo

Amor - Jammer vetseun

Young Forever ............ CDEMIM 025 2002 EMI
1. And I Cross My Heart
2. Young Forever
3. I Can't Give You Anything
4. Just Wishful Thinking
5. Your Love Makes Me High
6. Dance All Summer
7. Jy's 'n Ster Vir My
8. What A Feeling
9. Back To Your Heart
10. In My Dreams
11. I Know
12. I Love The Night Life
13. Automaties
14. With Every Beat Of My Heart
15. I Wish (Forever)

Dance In Colours .............................. 2000
1. I'll Be There For You
2. Dance In Colours
3. Salt Of Your Skin
4. Live & Breath
5. I Want You To Want Me
6. Time To Love
7. If I Ask For The Moon
8. Mia Chico
9. Winner Take It All
10. Goodbye
11. I Am The One
12. I Could Fall In Love
13. I Wanna Be With You
14. To Love Once Again
15. Never Erase

Wild Cherry Kisses .... CDEMCJ 5784 1999 EMI
1. Perfect Lovervetseun
2. Don't Cry
3. Wild Cherry Kisses
4. Kyk Diep In My Oë Vanaand
5. Ti Amor
6. Safe In My Arms
7. My Kind of Guy
8. Someone In My Life
9. Could It Be Magic
10. Ek Is Sonder Jou
11. Wait For Me
12. Leaving On A Jet Plane
13. Sealed With A Kiss
14. Lucky Girl
15. Dancing Queen
16. Take My Breath Away
17. Jy's My Lied
18. Elusive Butterfly

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2004 11, Rittelfees MC Zane Johnson, Amor & Joost van der Westhuizen, Gerrie Pretorius, Die Campbells, Francois Hayes, Chereé, Marius de Bruin, Stich, Gert Visser, Carine, Riaan, Limpopo, Jennifer Zamudio, Johnny & Vivian, Rudi Muller, Alta Joubert, Pieter Koen, Thys Die Bosveldklong, Beeskraal, Dowwe Dolla (Plaasmeisie van Pniel), Christo & Cobus, Marius de Bruin, Michiel Visser, Nic Stevens, Tobi Jooste, Rooies, The Stone, Nicholis Louw, Guillaume, Too Much, Suzanne, Pieter & Grietjie, Danie Niehaus, Arina de Witt, Dozi, Shine 4, Starstruck, Kurt Darren, DNA Strings, 60's Show, Loslappies, Nádine, Soweto String Quartet, Weskuns Konsert, Juanita, Zing Wenners 2004, Steve Hofmeyr, Jacques de Coning, Pieter & Tannie Grietjie
2002 08 28, Wilds- en Musiekfees Amor Vittone, Steve Hofmeyr, Eden plus Juanita Durandt Dansgroep

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Afrikaanse Treffers kompilasie - Ek Is Sonder Jou

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